The trees, vegetation, and green spaces that make up America’s urban forests are essential contributors to virtually every measure of public well-being.

From improving air and water quality, to advancing human health and safety, to promoting economic development and social equity, SUFC’s mission is to convene and mobilize our diverse member network to foster thriving communities through healthy urban and community forests. 

News to Share

USDA and Forest Service News

In this issue: Forest Service takes on wildland fires, Forest Service Chief visits Tongass National Forest, the Forest Service and Utah implement the state's Shared Stewardship agreement, and USDA releases proposed amendments to greater sage grouse land management plans, among other things.

Note from the Chairs

July 2019 Note from the Chairs

In this issue: Janette Davis leaves the Cooperative Forestry Program, the Forest Service releases a list of researchers working in the field of U&CF, Dana Karcher becomes the new Policy Working Group co-chair, and a new climate change study is published.