Collectively and individually, SUFC members are staunch and effective advocates for sound policies that ensure our nation’s urban forests live into their full potential to transform America’s communities.

SUFC’s Advocacy Platform

SUFC has developed five broad goals for its advocacy over the next five years. These long-term priorities will guide the efforts of the Policy Working Group to develop and implement annual priorities and actions.

GOAL 1: Advance understanding of and increase support for the public health benefits of urban and community forestry.

GOAL 2: Build a diverse and skilled workforce for urban and community forestry.

GOAL 3: Engage and address the needs of underserved communities in urban and community forestry.

GOAL 4: Strengthen understanding among policymakers of the values and benefits of trees and forest canopy cover in communities.

GOAL 5: Increase funding from public and private sources for urban and community forestry, including measures to expand and improve urban forests and to prevent and mitigate urban forest threats.

The advocacy platform was adopted March 22, 2018.

Legislative Letters and Recommendations