SUFC Networking Calls for Collaboration 2022

Networking Call for Collaboration for the 2022 SUFC Annual Meeting

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Proposals are due January 20th, 2022


The Sustainable Urban Forests Coalition (SUFC) is pleased to announce our 6th annual Networking Calls for Collaboration/Calls to Dialogue to be hosted at the SUFC Virtual Annual Meeting in March 2022.

SUFC will select up to four presenters to feature their respective programs, perspectives, research ideas, case studies, new technologies, philosophies, policies, or campaigns (collectively referred to as “projects”) to be featured at the Annual Meeting. Each of the four chosen project representatives will present an overview of their respective project, along with a “Call for Collaboration/Calls to Dialogue” to the SUFC membership, supporters, and meeting attendees.

2022 Topic:

The 2021 Infrastructure bill and the Fiscal Year 2022 U.S. Forest Service appropriations funding include increases in urban and community forestry related funding. An influx of funding often reveals inequities where well-resourced organizations are better positioned to respond to the RFPs, sometimes leaving smaller, more locally-focused organizations behind. How do we support these organizations in responding and telling their stories? How do we capture this momentum? How do we share our success stories and how do we keep moving forward to plan for the future?

Presentations are not required to be U.S. based projects.

In the past, many of our selected Call to Collaboration presenters shared information about programs, initiatives and projects. This year, we are trying a different approach to inspire dialogue within our community of members of supporters. We are calling on presenters – who may be representing an organization or institution, or presenting as individuals – to share their ideas, visions, and creative thinking about how to establish a more equitable approach to how urban forestry is done. Of course, applicants looking to present on programs, projects and initiatives are also encouraged to apply, especially if their program or project addresses the questions raised in our 2022 topic.

Those who submit successful proposals will have the opportunity to:

  1. Present their project or idea and corresponding Call for Collaboration/Calls to Dialogue at the Virtual SUFC Annual Meeting on March 2, 2022;
  2. Provide a mid-year update to the broader urban forestry community via one of the SUFC communications channels; and,
  3. Access the diverse members and supporters of the Coalition to form partnerships to continue this dialogue and increase collective impact throughout the year.

The deadline for submission is January 20th, 2022.

Please direct any questions to Mike Beacom ([email protected]), Danielle Gift ([email protected]) or Heather Doucet ([email protected]).